What You Need to Know If Charged with Domestic Violence in South Carolina

A Domestic Violence charge is the result of unlawful emotional and/or physical injuries to a victim. When convicted of Domestic Violence in South Carolina, the charge can range from a misdemeanor to a felony and convictions carry serious consequences, including possible loss of employment, trouble finding future employment, inability to possess a firearm as well as adverse effects in divorce and child custody cases. With charges this serious, you need an experienced lawyer on your side ready to listen and guide you through this process.

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At Ferguson & Ferguson, LLC, we understand that being charged with Domestic Violence has lasting effects on your future. Attorney Robert (“Robbie”) Ferguson has 12+ years’ experience representing clients and focuses on matters of criminal defense, including Domestic Violence. With Robbie’s depth of experience, he is able to understand and handle cases ranging from misdemeanors to highly complex felonies and capital offenses and guide you through your options to avoid conviction and maintain your record.

Each Domestic Violence case is unique. We encourage you to contact Ferguson & Ferguson, LLC today at 843-470-4704 to schedule a consultation so we can walk you through the process of a Domestic Violence charge and how we can help.

FAQs on Domestic Violence Cases

Q. What happens to first-time offenders for Domestic Violence?

A few scenarios may occur if convicted of a first-time domestic violence charge.

  • The court may issue a restraining order against the alleged victim, a violation of which can lead to additional charges.
  • You may be required to complete a domestic violence intervention program.
  • The court may prohibit the shipping, transporting, receiving or possession of a firearm or ammunition.
  • Your conviction may be used to enhance the charge and penalty for any future incident of domestic violence.
Q. What is the average jail sentence for Domestic Violence?

The average jail sentence for domestic violence is up to 90 days in jail and/or a minimum fine of $1,000.

Q. Can I get a Domestic Violence conviction expunged in South Carolina?

A domestic violence conviction cannot be expunged in South Carolina; however, upon acceptance and completion of Pre-Trial Intervention, the charge may be expunged.

Q. How much is the bond for Domestic Violence?

The price of a domestic violence bond depends on the bond court judge’s perception of the accused as it relates to him or her being a danger to the community or a flight risk, coupled with any prior record.

Q. Do Domestic Violence cases get dismissed?

Domestic violence cases can absolutely be dismissed. However, courts, prosecutors, and officers are often reluctant to dismiss domestic violence charges during the early stages of a case. The reason is because of public perception and fear of recidivism and/or escalation of the violence. It is important to quickly differentiate your case from that of a serial offender.

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